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Don't go for Roxio though. If you're talking strictly software, the built-in is passable assuming you have a speedy machine. They also make one called Screen Flow, it's decent but pricey. Hardware is the way to go, Elgato has been making capture devices for the Mac for a long time now. It's pretty good, I use mine for capping games, and I just recently started outputting the HDMI on my Mac out to it and using that for screen capping there, it's pretty solid. In reply to TheTonyP, 4: I am a little confused by your post because you mention software in the first post then hardware in the last post but i'll go with it.

I have recently purchased the ElGato and I am pretty pleased with it. Took a bit to get my TV to stop flashing but that was solved with a setting change. Just can't play off computer screen, only TV. Make sure you have good internet for last gen consoles because when putting video output to p it is good but console connection for multi-player can cause lag because of that end.

Very few programs support the video format this records in which is. No; Elgato's recording suite does not recognize this as a capture device, unfortunately. If you are doing it from a computer, there are other software tools that don't require additional hardware such as Fraps. Even if you have a PC their drivers are so buggy that if you're not a fairly technical person you'll never get it working, I work in SW and it took me 3 days just to get the device itself to work, and I had to use a different Windows application to actually manage my stream.

However, you can also use BootCamp as another alternative. Your are better off with a "Dazzle" lol I'm ment it's better than the Roxio.

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I would explain all the problems that this has but it's a long story. Elgato is the one to go for. Don't get it because it's the capture card cost bit more. It does not care what it is connected to. It sits between the computer and the output device it is not smart. The device it gets connected to is the computer.

There more expensive devices and more powerful software. What do you want to do with it? But, if you look at YouTube, people definitely have figured out how to record from handheld systems.

I don't know anything about it though,. But, yes. You'll need to connect via componant cables or HDMI.

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Component cables, with are five cables of red, green, blue, white, and yellow, weren't standard with any issue of the PS2, I don't believe, but they did exist; I actually had a set made by Monster. They're hard to find, but look around here, and also be sure to check eBay, since any vendors selling that cable here may be trying to grift you horribly. This has hdmi and the red white and yellow. The Roxio I got was used so I had the same problelm. I bought it as it was cheap and my computer couldn't run Elgato.

If you have a beast computer, go with the Elgato. Otherwise this is an excellent capture card I use it in my gaming channel.


Maybe if you are trying to have a HD youtube channel to make money off of you will be willing to spend more money on a nicer game capture devic, but overall I like mine fine especially for the price. Would not work on one pc even though it met the specs and was a fresh install. It would crash my gaming pc and even when you get it to work you'll have lag. They have the worst customer service and closed two tickets I opened with them.

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Id give you mine for fre if you lived near me. Just spoke with my technician nephew who is the owner of this gift I bought him! He spoke these words. Anything that is sent through the game capture device is recorded. So as long as you have it set up to where you hear your party through your tv it will record your party audio along with the audio from the game.

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If you have a party set up to where you only hear them on a headset, the party audio won't be recorded since the audio isn't being sent through the game capture device. But you can route your headset through a PC and use a free program like Audacity to capture the audio. The Roxio only captures game audio. The answer is also NO. The Roxio protects against that kind of activity. I don't know if you'd even be able to get it to work with a DVR in the first place - according to the specs, it's for PCs, Playstation, and Xbox. I tried it out of curiosity, honest!

It also will not work if you watch Netflix through a console. I use it with my WiiU all the time. The setup is a little tricky unless you are using straight up component cables from the get go. Playstation has this thing where you can't capture using hdmi.

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The PC powers the unit as well as records at the same time. The device itself has no harddrive for saving video files. Or a laptop. To use, It must be plugged into the console, the television, and a computer. The computer powers the device via USB. You don't have to record to use it tho.