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Pokémon X / Y and Many More Games Are Finally Working!

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Pokemon 3D is a surprisingly refreshing fan-made project. Although Pokemon 3D follows the typical Pokemon adventure format, the impressive popup effect definitely gives the original game new life. Besides, you can never cease adding graphical capabilities to the original Pokemon games as is often the case with Unreal Engine 4.

Planet Pokemon was a rigorous and difficult project from the get-go, yet the playable, pre-alpha stage version of this game is still an impressive feat. Although word of development has quieted over recent months, lead developer Cains had this to say in a recent YouTube comment regarding future support:. The previous idea for the game is dead and cancelled, but a new one is taking its place. A new update — which is actually an entire rehaul of the game rather than an update — will be coming out extremely soon, and we plan to keep updating afterward.

The passion and vision for this project has been recently reinvigorated, and we are now much more capable, experienced, and organized. It seems like every months there are a few fan-made Pokemon games attempting to revive and restructure the Pokemon universe. Through the efforts of freelance artists and developers, Pokemon continues broadening its franchise to allow a Pokemon fanatic virtually countless hours of fun! A big thank you to the creators of these fantastic games and to the Pokemon ROM hack subreddit which continually provides updates on fantastic fan-made Pokemon content regularly.

Have you ever tried out a fan-made Pokemon game? Let us know in the comments below! Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. Which pokemon fan game or rom hack transports you to the pokemon world by arceus and he also introduces you to the mechanics of the game? It is very annoying that I can remember.

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The list above are romhacks, as you need a patch file and a rom, and an emulator to play them after you've patched the files. Fanmades are made in things such as RPG Maker, and there tends to be a whole lot more work put into them since they come with extra functions, play modes, and usually don't use JUST the Pokemon Essentials pack. Also, there are a few on here that, while they aren't made in RPG Maker, and they are not made with rom hacks for use in emulators, they are now deceased.

Thanks, Nintendo. I might be a bit late, but my timing is not. So, just two words: Easy to learn, frustratingly hard to master. Team Requiem. Lance, Maxim, a Bug Catcher, a Rocket goon Planet Pokemon has been abandoned and all servers have gone offline, making the game totally unplayable.

Hes talking about a game boy advanced emulator for pc called visual boy advanced [he misspelled it though]. It's still "Visual Boy Advance. A game as awesome as PokeMMO is difficult to mention in passing; it really deserves its own article, don't you think? I've played three Pokemon fangames, I have four, and am seriously considering Pokemon Godra up there. All are pretty cool, and Gen 0 is so different from the others it's really hard to compare.

I love it and Pokemon Uranium about equally. I'm glad you mentioned these. I only played Uranium in passing, so I couldn't enjoy the nuclear types or the side-quests fully.

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The sprites and game play, however, are on par with most official Pokemon games out there! As for Gen 0, I found the story really clever but the game itself didn't meet the absurdly high expectations I had for it. Pokemon Uranium Explore the highly volatile and irradiated region of Tandor http: Have you tried Pokemon Pitch Black?

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