Youtube video not showing up on mac

And there are many guides online to help you figure it out, but none is in that much details. In this post, we are going to share with you detail guide on how to fix YouTube fullscreen problem on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. How to Download YouTube Videos. Best YouTube Recorder Part 4: Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers, so let's begin with fixing the YouTube full-screen problem on chrome.

Enable Flash Not Working in Mac Safari Web Browser

If YouTube is not loading or opening in Chrome when you go full-screen, these fixes could be surprisingly easy to solve the trouble. STEP 1. Just go to your Chrome address bar, type " chrome: STEP 2.

Force YouTube videos to play full-screen in Safari on iPad

Then, click the " Details " button. STEP 3. Scroll down and find " Adobe Flash Player ". If you see 2 Adobe Flash Players, jump to next step. If there is only one, you need to download a new Adobe Flash Player. Open a different browser, like IE or Firefox and go to adobe.

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STEP 4. Disabling this flash player allows the browser to use the latest flash version that you have installed on your computer. Another Solution: If YouTube videos won't go full screen on Firefox, then it may have a problem with the Flash Player or your video drivers.

First of all, please update Firefox to the latest version. If not, install or update Flash. Some Mac users have reported that they came across the same issue when trying to enjoy videos in full screen on Safari. If so, there is simple troubleshooting for you to take into consideration. Scroll down your applications list until you find the Safari. Click the checkbox next to "Open in bit mode". Then, close and exit out of Safari Info window.

If the above solutions did not fix the YouTube problems, you should next try uninstalling and reinstalling Flash player. Actually, the most simple way to fix the problem of YouTube taskbar not hiding when going fullscreen would directly download the videos you want on your computer. But how? Maybe you can go to this page: How to Download YouTube Videos for more details. I hope these 4 fixes for "YouTube fullscreen not working" problem worked for you and you can successfully get rid of the taskbar in fullscreen on YouTube.

In case you still have the problem while watching YouTube in full screen, you can leave comments below. You have to go to chrome: What are the options now? This full-screen issue only started recently and the only thing that happened that I can think of is that QuickTime was recently installed.

May 9, 8: Mar 11, 8: Jun 27, Had the same problem, but for me it was the Youtube Center Extension that was causing problems.. Deactivated it and refreshed the site and all good Jul 5, I just wanted to say that deleting the Adobe data and clearing the Safari cache does not do a thing. The problem I have is that I can do to a page, a video, and watch it fine. But if I am logged in and. Jan 15, Sep 27, 8: Dec 6, 9: I was having this problem with Safari Dec 8, 3: Oct 31, 4: Nov 19, 3: I had same issue with Safari 11 from this summer, when Youtube changed his UI.

And I use uBlock extension. All worked fine in other browsers until I turned off uBlock on Youtube page in Safari. Now it works fine! Why is YouTube not working with Safari all the sudden? More Less. Locate the YouTube app you are using and then swipe up the app off the screen to close it.

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Third Solution: Fourth Solution: Uninstall and re-install YouTube app Some software issues are more complex and complicated. Lightly press and hold the icon of your YouTube app. When you see the app starts to jiggle and the X appears on the upper-left corner of every app icon, tap the X on your YouTube app. Press Delete to uninstall the app and confirm action Reboot your iPhone. Reinstall the app by going to the App Store. Tap the Search tab then type in the name of your preferred YouTube app. Tap Get to download the app. Tap Install next to your preferred YouTube app. Doing so will reinstall the app on your iPhone 7.

Fifth Solution: Work on your Wi-Fi network connectivity. Tap Settings.

How to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing on Macbook pro?

Tap Wi-Fi. Toggle the Wi-Fi switch to turn Wi-Fi off. When the switch turns gray, it means that Wi-Fi is off. Wait for a few seconds and then tap the switch again to turn Wi-Fi back on. Tap Settings from the Home screen. Tap General. Tap Reset. Select Reset Network Settings. If prompted, enter your passcode. Confirm action if necessary. Once the reset is complete, your iPhone will reboot. Other Options for you to consider Play YouTube videos at a later time.

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Try playing the video at a later time or play other YouTube videos from other YouTube channels. Doing so will help you isolate the problem. Download YouTube videos to iPhone. Instead of using YouTube app to play YouTube videos on your iPhone, you can also download your preferred videos and then play straight on your iPhone. Doing so will let you play these videos offline.

Just be sure you have enough space left on your iPhone to allocate these files. If necessary, you can move or back up all your watched videos from your iPhone to your computer to free up some space.