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Fortunately, Mac users have the Time Machine backup feature to back them up pun intended. The default setting is once every hour.

The backup process eats up a significant amount of system resources. This might influence the performance of other running apps and slow down everything, especially for those with an older system.

Customize Time Machine Backups With Your Own Schedule

And having your system slow down every hour for several minutes is no fun. Unless you work with crucial data that needs to be backed up every hour, most daily users can live with less frequent backups and better system performance. How do you modify the backup frequency of Time Machine in Mac?

One thing is for sure: The only available options are selecting the backup disk and selecting folders to exclude from the backups.

How to Modify the Time Machine Backup Schedule for Mac - Make Tech Easier

To change the backup frequency interval or create a more sophisticated scheduling, you need a little help from a free application called TimeMachineEditor. This app is compatible with Mac OS X After downloading and installing the app, open it, and you will see its main interface.

The app provides you with three modes of operation: The default one-hour interval backup time of Time Machine can be changed to longer or shorter depending on your needs. For example, you can turn off the process during your work hours.

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You can also disable the backup when your laptop is using battery power to conserve energy. If you want to set a more sophisticated backup schedule based on various dates, times, weeks, months, etc. Other schedule modifications can also be done from the Time Machine Editor. On the other hand, the process of preserving and discarding the backups is still handled by Time Machine since the Editor will only modify the schedule.

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