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FLV video is not a common video format, however it will only take a few seconds to remux this in to an MP4 video container which is almost universally supported by all devices today. To make things easy rename your video to something with a simple file name, in this example we download the weather so i've called the downloaded video "weather" and it has the flv file extension. To convert this to an MP4 simply type ffmpeg -i weather.


The end result will be you have a weather. Hoffman , May 1, Jan 28, Messages: Hi Hoffman , Does this support the new rte player upgrade do u know.

Last edited by a moderator: Jan 28, Chris Sherlock , Jan 28, Hoffman , Jan 28, Feb 6, Messages: Hi Hoffman Joe Bloggs , Feb 6, Hoffman , Feb 7, Feb 12, Messages: Hi Hoffman, I have tried to use the app bundle following the instructions above, however after RTE player's redesign it's stopped working. I've looked in the page's source for a trace of. Most Windows programs can be run on a Mac with Wine, so for things which don't rely totally on a super up-to-date Windows API or whatnot, then Wine can get it running. Of course Motorola weren't able to keep up with Intel's speeds but the Windows compatibility that comes with x86 is great, if you need it.

Sure Bootcamp can get Windows running so if I really couldn't get something working for whatever reason, I have a HD with a Windows install on it. There are several other methods using Wireshark or other network analysis tools. You can spoof the UAS with those if they're filtering. No I didn't because that wouldn't work to the best of my knowledge.

The way RTEPlayer streams its video isn't a hugely advanced method but it isn't so simple that that should work. The main problem with your method is that the URL you can sniff is only for a tiny part of the whole file, and there could be hundreds of those URLs, as the player keeps getting sent a new URL for a tiny part of the video. So if I wanted to download an hour long show, I could end up with several hundred tiny videos to have to download and build up to the full thing again.

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Much more work than I wanted to do. My screen capture method worked fine for a one off thing. Bandicam, it is software for recording games, but you can use it to record anything on your screen. It is not free software but you can get a cracked version from any good torrent site.

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Run it in window recording mode and just f12 to start or stop video recordng. Problem there is that you need to be watching it in rte player all the way through, it will record the ads and any time you pause the player etc. That is about the only solution I can think of really. I had true video grabbing things like freecorder before and they did not work.

Download / rip / save RTE Player (Ireland) Content with no DRM as MP4 Video

In fact I think they just got the ads and not the program itself. It worked the first time, then never again. Head wrecker! If it is something you really want just use banicam, hit play then f12 and walk away. It will record anything that can play on your screen. I managed to download from the RTE player using Streaming video recorder, it downloads anything you play in your browser in the background.

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I'll take this opportunity to plug the excellent Irish Radio Player. To download any video streamed on your computer directly to your hard drive simply type "ss" after www. You need to pause the video first. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

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