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In my testing I was only able to achieve a maximum of 1. Stopwatch tests showed that this software does download a three minute long p clip at least twenty seconds faster than the other programs here. What you may like even more, however, is the direct interface and large number of video conversion 5 Easy-to-use Freeware Video Converters 5 Easy-to-use Freeware Video Converters Read More options.

Free Youtube Video Downloader for Mac(So easy)

You only need to enter a YouTube video link and hit Start Download — but before you do that, you can choose to save the video in one of over 40 formats. Nothing special, right? Since it never hurts to learn Read More. You can do this simply by pasting the URL of any video that is a part of a playlist. The software automatically detects it and will give you the option to download all related videos. And yes, it does work like a browser.

You can also select a preferred video quality. I like the interface and the conversion options are good enough for my needs. Several of my favorite YouTube channels group similar videos by playlist, making 4k the best option for grabbing a lot of content at once. I suggest giving all of these options a shot to download YouTube videos on Mac and discover which one works best for you. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published.

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I'm using Vadle it's a free, simple and beautiful application! I just tried the free version of clip grab and some of the videos youtube were downloaded in their entirety and some were not. After a couple of tries, some downloaded completely some remained partial.

Clip grab's process bar was full so I expect that the problem may have been in the transmission. This is rare with the router I am using, however. Have to spend time to find a decent one that keeps their scripts up to date!! Dear friend this download of yotube thing does not work, because there is not jsut one biggest flie, but about 10 which are all the same.. It seems YouTube may have changed how they do things, breaking up the files to stop people from downloading the videos.

Well I always loved Mac and for a reason Great tip, saving youtube videos the mac way! Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial on that. I was able to download a youtube video that I recently narrated for the Energize Indiana TV campaign. Now I can add it to my voice-over demo reel. Here it is: Excellent tips and easy to follow thank you!

I have te same problem. The only person who understands the map is the person who drew it. BruceHoult pointed out: I need to keep revisiting video in youtube for music lessons.

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Well, John, scroll up and read the instructions on this page that tell you how to save a YouTube video to your Mac. This always worked well for me, but now has stopped. What has changed? What can I do about it? Any suggestions would be gratefully received! Do you show file extensions on your Mac?

If the file extension is. Right click Control click on the file and choose Open With from the menu that appears. Open with Quicktime or VLC or similar. It seems that you can only download 7 minutes of video.

YouTube Downloader?

Any advise? Thank you so much for this!! Worked perfectly and kept me from having to download another application that might not have worked! By the way, Handbrake google it is a fantastic program for converting.


I needed this for my project and you gave me the way thank you so much!!!! A tip of the morion to C. Copying the link and pasting in the Downloads screen gets instant results. After download is finished, click the little magnifying glass to find in Finder, drag file to desktop, and change name to name of video and add the. Alfred, instead of double clicking the file in Activity Monitor find the file in the Finder and play it from there.

Remember to Option double click the file in the Activity Monitor in order to download it in the first place. Thanks Phil, I appreciate the handy tip. Why does everytime i click on the line on the activity page i just goes to another window? It depends which line you click. You need to identify the line for the video, then hold down the Option key while you double click. The same thing has happened to me more recently. And I know I have identified the right line.

However, I just discovered that you can outsmart this by doing the following:. In the activity window highlight the line that corresponds with the video and push option-c to copy.

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Then open the downloads window and push option-v to paste and the download should start right away. If I Command double-click the movie itself it goes fullscreen. If I Command double-click the listing in the Activity window then it does the same thing as Option double-clicking — as I describe in my Tip.