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In OS X, Spotlight is an effective way to search your entire hard drive for a file or folder, email, or any other file. There are many other things Spotlight can do, and searching for files is just one of them. Spotlight is also capable of looking up dictionary definitions, launching apps, performing calculations, previewing audio, video, documents, and other files. Basic searching On a Mac , Spotlight can be used to search your hard drive for any file, folder, or email based on the search criteria being in the title or the body. This also works for emails.

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Previewing files in Spotlight When the search result is displayed, you can mouse over the file name and a preview of it will appear to the left. This works for many types of files such as images, documents of all kinds, and more. For audio and video files, you can play or preview the file right in Spotlight, by moving your cursor over the file and clicking the play button.

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Determining the location of the file However, when you see the search result in Spotlight, it does not reveal the location of the file. If you press and hold the Command key, first the file name, then the location of the file will be displayed. If you single click on a file, its location is dispayed in the Path Bar at the bottom.

How to Search for Text in MS Word

If you are not sure if you have located the correct file, press the spacebar to preview it. Double-clicking on the folder name in the Path Bar to the left of the file name brings you directly to the folder the file is in. The result of the search might include a large number of files. If that occurs, you may be able to find the file more easily by clicking the List View icon, and then Arrange icon and changing to sort by Date Modified or Name. Click here to view spell check problems in Word for Mac. Skip to main content. When you use spell check in Word for Mac , you may encounter one of the following problems: Spell check does not identify misspelled words The spell check language keeps changing To resolve the spell check problem, follow these methods in order: Method 1: Set Document Language Method 2: Set the language for the default Normal.

An Introduction to Microsoft Word's Search Feature

Check the Spelling and Grammar preferences Method 4: Check the Input Sources language settings Method 5: Move the Normal. Remove Word preferences Do you have the same problem but with another Word for Mac version? Open a document in Word for Mac. On the Edit menu, click Select All.

On the Tools menu, click Language. Select the language dictionary you want the speller to use, such as English US. Uncheck Do not check spelling or grammar , and then click OK.

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If the problem continues to occur, go to the next method. Method 2: Open a blank document in Word for Mac. Uncheck Do not check spelling or grammar , and then click Default. Click OK.

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Method 3: Check the Spelling and Grammar preferences To check the spelling and grammar preferences, follow these steps: Open Word for Mac. On the Word menu, click Preferences.

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The following options should be selected checked: Check spelling as you type Check grammar as you type The following options should not be selected unchecked: Hide spelling errors in this document Hide grammatical errors in this document Click OK. Method 4: Check the Input Sources language settings To check the Input Sources language settings, follow these steps: Quit all Office applications.

On the Apple menu, click System Preferences. Click Input Sources. Set the Input Sources language to the desired language Word should use. Restart the Mac. Method 5: The new version will not include any of the customizations that you made to the version that you renamed or moved. On the Go menu, click Home.

Find and replace text or formatting in Word for Mac

Open Library. Open Application Support , and then Microsoft. Drag normal.