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unable to install desktop server

No D-Bus Deamon running. When I go to http: This is the default web page for this server.

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The web server software is running but no content has been added yet". Got back: Starting Xampp for linux 1. Starting Apache After changing you might need to restart your Mac, just to make sure.

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To be able to do this, you will have to stop apache from your terminal. Hope this helps. Daolagajao 2, 7 18 Erica Santos Erica Santos 81 1 6.

This answer is identical to a previous answer. If you have something to add or improve, please suggest an edit to the original answer. Worked for me Another tip Found out how to make it work! I just moved apache2 the Web Sharing folder to my desktop. I was having this exact problem, the above solutions didn't make much sense to me. My Solution: Turn of Bluetooth!

Worked a treat..

How to install, start and test XAMPP on Mac OSX | Webucator

If you are also running skype at the same time. It will give you error: I had success with easy killing all active httpd processes in Monitor Activity tool: Jan P.

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  4. In my case, web sharing was running, and this blocked XAMP. Apache should now run and be available! New Alexandria 5, 3 40 Post a reply. Anyways i restarted, emptied the trash and started it again and it worked, even went all the way 2 edit my security settings, however when i stop it, it shows that its stopped on the xampp control, but if i open my localhost page its still there even more, if i wanted 2 start it from the xampp control again it gives that it can't start because a server is already running! S i deleted it at first because Dreamweaver gave me "something is wrong with your xampp installation" when i tried 2 run a php page!

    But there is another way to stop Apache if it refuses to stop with the control panel. Open the application 'Activity Monitor'. In the top of the window, choose to show all processes. In the filter field search field , type in 'httpd'.