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All of those bizarre symbols in the image at the top of this Mac post were just inserted into a Pages document in this manner. Going through the process of inserting a symbol is fine if you're only going to be typing it once, but what if you need to re-use a specific character many times in a document? You can either do a copy and paste for each occurrence, or you can type the character using a unique hexadecimal code that is assigned to each character. To determine what that code is for any character, just click on the character in the viewer, then "hover" your cursor above it until a yellow tooltip appears near it as in the screenshot above.

Make a note of the Unicode code number for the character; for the pointing finger, it's C. To type the special characters, go back to the Input menu in the menu bar and select "Unicode Hex Input. In this case, you'd type OptionC to make the left pointing index finger magically appear in your document. This tip is not only fun, but extremely useful in those cases where you want to use a specific non-standard character or symbol to call attention to something in a document. Be sure to visit our earlier Mac articles for other time-saving tips.

Arrow Emojis with Unicode Values

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Sign up. Show More Results. Apple will reportedly reveal its news subscription service next month. Microsoft recommends "Segoe UI Symbol" however it would be wise to include the font with your website as not many people have it on their computers. Open this page in other browsers to see which symbols render with the default font.

Windows ALT Codes

There are also some "pointy" triangles. You can read more here in Wikipedia: Just like the Google Maps in the mobile version this was referring to the ancient mobile Google Maps. Since you're using these arrows for a toggle switch you may want to consider creating these arrows with an html element using the following styles instead of unicode characters. Each of these three methods should have the same output. For other symbols, the same three options exist. Some even have a fourth option, allowing you to use a string based reference eg.

You can use a reference website like Unicode-table. For example, you find the values for the down-pointing triangle at http: Note that these methods are sufficient only for icons that are available by default in every browser. A totally different strategy is the use of background-images instead of fonts. For optimal performance, it's best to embed the image in your CSS file by base-encoding it, as mentioned by eg. I would recommend the use of SVG rather than GIF, however, is that's better both for performance and for the sharpness of your symbols.

This following code is the base64 for and SVG version of the icon:. For many use cases, SVG-based background images and icon fonts are largely equivalent with regards to performance and flexibility. To decide which to pick, consider the following differences:. Personally, I would recommend the use of background-images only when you need multiple colors and those color can't be achieved by means of color , background-color and other color-related CSS rules for fonts.

The main benefit of using SVG images is that you can give different components of a symbol their own styling. This would, however, result in a web page that uses both HTML tags and SVG tags, which could significantly reduce the readability of a webpage. It also adds extra bloat if the symbol is repeated across multiple pages and you need to consider that old versions of IE have no or limited support for SVG.

End of Medium. This error is also perpetrated in one of the previous references. You can also accomplish it using: But that's up to you on how you'd like to accomplish it. Here's a Demo in CodePen with many arrow possibilities.

[windows] Requestion/Question: How to make "→" symbol. - Evernote for Windows - Evernote User Forum

We had a case where our button shows a chevron, and wanted the user's manual to refer to the button in a way which will be recognized by a non-technical user too. So we needed a chevron sign. I think the asker may be referring to one of these see attached image - I found this StackOverflow question while searching for the same thing myself.

Unfortunately, this glyph doesn't seem to exist as a distinct character entity anywhere. Hope this helps someone! Here is the full list of Unicode chars , and how your browser currently displays them. I am seeing this list evolving, browser versions after others. This list is obtained by iteration in decimal of the html entities unicode table, it may take some seconds, but is very useful to me in many cases.

Here is a plain text extract, of arrows, some are coming with unicode This one seems to imply that and are up and down triangles. I use alt for the first one and for the second one. You can always copy paste them if the ascii isnt the same for your system. Thank you for your interest in this question.

Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Ask Question. DreamTeK Timj Timj 5, 3 13 9. Depending on the font you specify, they'll look like arrows. Here's a quick way to find them on one page: Here's someone who took the trouble to gather up every possible Unicode arrow: Unicode arrows heads: More Unicode arrows are at: Austin Pray 4, 2 16 I found these here: I just needed these again and searched for "Unicode triangles.

Mac 101: Inserting or typing uncommon characters

Another note: To add these in CSS you just use the numeric part with a backslash in front, ie. I was testing those html entities.

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I can report that the left arrow does not show up well in the android browser, but the right arrow does. These characters work in IE8. In general, they are more consistent cross-browser and look better in Windows than the triangles in the accepted answer. They are the same answer. Some more Unicode arrows.

Arrow Symbols

You can copy them right off the page below or you can use the code. Each row of arrows is numbered from left to right: How to simply alter: Sayed Mohd Ali 1, 2 4 Together we can all build a brighter internet. It was time well spent. Gee I don't know, this answer seems incomplete Sorry, I thought it would be more obvious that your answer is ridiculously comprehensive already. Kudos for all the hard work you put into it.

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Very well done post. Sorry but they are only in Unicode.