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Creates a. This is useful to distribute commercial packages. Be sure to check the resulting. Disable Package Disables a package, which causes any Python scripts to be unloaded, and other files such as. Discover Packages Opens up a web browser to Browse.

Other Commands

Enable Package Re-enables a package that has been disabled. If you are developing a custom copy of a package, you may not want to use this command. Upgrade Package Show a list of packages that are available for upgrade and let the user pick which they would like to update. Once a dependency is selected, a loader will be installed, allowing the dependency to be used for development, without having to submit it to the default channel first.

Package Control Settings — Default Open the default settings file, which can be used as a reference for changing the User settings. Currently I am working on it to allow automatic updates from my fork's upstream, and also create a new channels from a set of git repositories listed.

Special Packages

Thank you, it's really helpful. I remember MS Visual Studio Code have this support built-in - there provided some command line that will figure out the path for you.

Setting up a Python Development Environment in Sublime Text

Install plugins from command line Ideas and Feature Requests. Hi, I don't seem to see a way to install plugins from command-line, instead of from inside ST. Start Sublime Text You can find the location of the data directory at the beginning of http: There is no advantage to installing from source vs.

In fact, there are several disadvantages, including no automatic updates, no update messages, etc.

If you insist on installing from source, please do not do so unless you are comfortable with the command line and know what you are doing. To install SublimeLinter from source, do the following:. Regardless of how you install SublimeLinter, once it is installed you will want to install linters appropriate to the languages in which you will be coding. Linter plugins are separate Sublime Text 3 plugins that are hosted in separate repositories.


There are a number of officially supported linter plugins in the SublimeLinter organization. There are third party linters available as well. Again, I strongly recommend that you use Package Control to locate and install linter plugins. To install linter plugins in Package Control, do the following:.

What is it?

Most linter plugins require you to install a linter binary or library and configure your PATH so that SublimeLinter can find it. If you have problems installing or configuring SublimeLinter.

First read the Troubleshooting guide. Then if necessary, report your problem on the SublimeLinter issue tracker. An enormous amount of time and effort went into creating SublimeLinter and this documentation.

Installation - Package Control

Before you launch Sublime Text 3 with SublimeLinter installed, please take the time to read the Usage documentation to understand what happens when SublimeLinter loads and how it works. SublimeLinter v3. The basic functionality is the same, but there are key differences: