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Copy and paste using the Office Clipboard

But to get some extra features like the clipboard manager, you need to buy the Alfred Powerpack. These were some of the best Clipboard managers that will allow you to copy and paste multiple files on a Mac machine. Your email address will not be published. Gizmo Times. Sep 8, Related Posts. How to Capture a Screenshot on your Mac, or capture part of the screen. Mac OS X.

How to Copy and Paste Multiple Items at Once

How to Capture a Screenshot on your Mac, or capture part of the screen Feb 2, Fitness Trackers. Next Post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You know that thing where you copy something important, forget to paste it anywhere, then copy something else? Unless, of course, you have a clipboard manager. Installing takes just a few minutes: Click it to see your recent clipboard history.

Click anything here and it will paste automatically. Of course, moving your mouse to the menu bar can get in the way of your workflow. Once you do you can bring up a menu full of your clippings while using any program. And there you have it!

The Zapier Guide to Clipboard Managers

You can also paste what was formatted text as plain text, which comes in handy a lot. Whenever you use normal Mac selection methods, kill replaces the contents of the kill ring. I'll update the article. Don't forget about the pbcopy and pbpaste commands in the Terminal; handy for piping information into UNIX programs such as Pandoc. It really gets fun when you involve XQuartz.

Selections in X11 programs are automatically copied to the X11 clipboard. Middle-clicking pastes them. And you can even chose if the X11 clipboard should be synced to the OS X one or not.

ā€ˇCopyClip - Clipboard History on the Mac App Store

Thanks so much for the enlightening info. I almost didn't read the article, after all what could this old dog learn about Copy and Paste Yeah, we were equally as shocked at how much we learned and are still learning, clearly!

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Other apps still support this e. Firefox does indeed seem broken in this way - it's putting the wrong data on the pasteboard for TextEdit. In terms of converting text clippings, the best I can think of would be to find them all by searching for Kind textClipping or extension. Hell, every once in a while I still catch myself reaching for one of those!!! I have three-finger drag set in the Accessibility system preference, though it's implemented in the trackpad plist. When I select text and try to create a text clipping by three-finger dragging, it doesn't work.

Paste with Style, or Style with Paste

I can still click-and-hold drag to produce the text clipping. It did not work?

Copy & Paste Multiple Items to Clipboard & Cloud on Mac - Paste App Tutorial- Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Anyone know why? With further testing, it looks as though Control-K and Control-Y work only within an app, not between apps. I'm not sure what I was seeing before when we were testing this; perhaps we just assumed it worked because it was like the clipboard, or perhaps we were accidentally using apps like BBEdit that mix those commands with the clipboard.

But kill and yank do work within both Mail and Safari, though only in text-editing areas in Safari. Anything I copy is not showing on the Clipboard Switchter, although I can still see older entries and I can select and paste them. Peter Lewis couldn't help either. Any suggestion besides upgrading: This doesn't seem to work for me. Copy as Pathname". Not entirely true.

ClipEdit by Everyday Software http: The application hasn't been updated since , but it still works for me on Mavericks. Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. Email Address. Nello Lucchesi. Adam Engst. Brian Steere. I like and use Butler for a pasteboard menuette - along with a lot of other features. Conrad Hirano. So if you have a file that contains these three words: Then, with a single press of Control-Y, you get: Arno Wouters.

For what it is worth I made a document in TextEdit with four lines: Conrad likes coffee. Alice likes ale. Bob likes beer. Donald likes donkeys. I could turn this into: