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Thanks a lot for this tip, after upgrading to Mountain Lion and netatalk 2. This article is over two years old as I post this comment, but the problem is still current and there is still not much help to be found in a Google search.

TCP window scale option

We were seeing a huge slowdown when reading from an SMB samba linux share mounted on a Mountain Lion client. But the article you linked to revealed the real problem. The setting in smb. Sign up using Email and Password.

linux - How to get maximum TCP Receive/Send window in MAC OS X? - Stack Overflow

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What affects iPerf throughput?

If, for example, a sender receives an ack which acknowledges byte and specifies a receive window of bytes , the sender will not send packets after byte , even if the congestion window allows it. TCP window scale option is needed for efficient transfer of data when the bandwidth-delay product BDP is greater than 64K.

For instance, if a T1 transmission line of 1. If the window scale factor options in TCP is 3, calculation is as follows: Shifting 3 bits to the left Note that in the options field, window scale factor is sent in the SYN packet. If it increases beyond this then it will surpass the Sequence no. This is done by specifying a one byte shift count in the header options field.

The true receive window size is left shifted by the value in shift count. A maximum value of 14 may be used for the shift count value. This would allow a single TCP connection to transfer data over the example satellite link at 1.

How to Adjust the TCP Window Size Limit on Linux

Essentially, not more than one full transmission window can be transferred within one round-trip time period. Because some firewalls do not properly implement TCP Window Scaling, it can cause a user's Internet connection to malfunction intermittently for a few minutes, then appear to start working again for no reason. There is also an issue if a firewall doesn't support the TCP extensions.

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