Depot mac eyeshadow no heat

You also need some kind of a tool to work with. I used a makeup spatula, which is also thin enough for lifting the pans off from the sides. After that, you need to glue a magnet on the pan, so that it stays on the Z-palette.

Flossing Between the Pans Or How I Depot Makeup without Heat

Now some pans are already magnetic, but not all. Z-palettes already come with magnet stickers, so this part is easy. Then you can just create your own palettes and enjoy the extra space, that depotting makeup gives you! Makeup Tutorial. How to depot makeup The easiest way to depot makeup is to lift them up from the packaging. Related Posts Permission to sparkle!

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Using A Lighter

Mad about waves — perfect products for wavy curls. Charisto 60 years. Wedge it in the groove to give yourself some leverage. Wiggle the tool back and forth to free the plastic housing from the compact. If you feel strong resistance, continue gently wiggling the tool back and forth until you can feel the housing start to come loose. Method 2. Light a small candle and use pliers to hold the shadow above the flame. Hold the plastic housing over the flame for 30 seconds to 1 minute or until the adhesive holding the pan inside the housing starts to melt.

Hold it several inches above the flame. Push against the back of the shadow with a tool to pry it free. After 30 seconds or so, take your pointed tool and press it against the back of the plastic housing. The goal is to push the eyeshadow pan out of the housing once the adhesive is weak enough. Allow the eyeshadow pan to cool. After you free the eyeshadow from the plastic housing, the metal pan will likely be hot. Let it cool for several minutes before you label it, place it in a palette, or otherwise handle it. Method 3. Plug in your flat iron and turn it to the highest setting.

Place it on a trivet on your work area so one of its plates is flat against the table or counter. Turn the iron on, and set it to the highest setting. Place the eye shadow in the plastic housing on the plate of the iron.

5 Ways to Depot MAC Eyeshadow - wikiHow

Allow the plastic to sit on the iron for 15 to 20 seconds so the adhesive has time to melt before removing it. Stick a pointy tool against the center of the back of plastic housing to free the eyeshadow pan. Take a tool with a pointy edge and press it against the black of the plastic housing in the center. Push on the plastic until the eyeshadow pan pops free. If it feels like the pan is resistant, you may want to place it back on the flat iron for several seconds to further weaken the adhesive.

Let the eyeshadow pan cool.

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  • How to De-Pot Your Eyeshadows Without Ruining Them.
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  • The eyeshadow pan will be hot when you press it free from the plastic housing. Make sure to let it cool on a towel or trivet for several minutes before handling it. Method 4. Isopropyl alcohol can help dissolve the adhesive that holds the eyeshadow pan in the plastic housing. Apply the alcohol all around the shadow pan in the compact and let it sit.

    Take a medicine dropper and pick up a small amount of the alcohol. Run the medicine dropper all around the eyeshadow pan to dispense the alcohol between the pan and the plastic housing. This will heat the plastic slightly so that we can push the eyeshadow pan out. Around 30 seconds should do, though it depends how hot your irons get. Remove the pan from the irons with your tweezers as the platic will be hot to the touch.

    Once the plastic is heated sufficiently, push the back of the casing.

    Depotting Mac Eyeshadows - No Heat

    This will push the eyeshadow metal pan out from the plastic part. If it won't push out easily, just repeat the heating with the straighteners for a few more seconds. Carefully, as the metal and residual glue on the pan may be hot, add a thin magnet to the back.

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    • How to De-Pot Your Eyeshadows Without Ruining Them.
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    • Using A Lighter.
    • How to De-Pot Your Eyeshadows Without Ruining Them.
    • Now to get the label off the pot, place it on your straghteners, about 10 seconds should do. Then you can peel the label off with your tweezers and place it onto the back of the metal pan, over the magnet. Don't forget to keep the empty pot for b2m. Ignore what the rest of the internet says, this is HARD to do! Start by prising your tweezers or knife into the back edge of the palette. Don't start on the very bottom edge of the palette, as that has little attachments underneath that will be hard to push against.

      How To Depot NYX and MAC Eyeshadows

      I carried on with the tweezers, you need a lot of force to prise between the casing and the back cover, and then once you've got beween those two layers, you need to flip your tweezers up so that you can push along the outer edge of the casing. As you do this, you'll hear all sorts of terrible snapping sounds, though no part of my casing actually broke. Here's what the inside of the palette looks like,. Then you get a lighter and heat the underside of the pans for 20 to 30 seconds. This will burn the plastic and there will be fumes galore.

      Push through the back to pop the pan out, as with the single shadows. Somewhere along the line, I managed to cut the top of my thumb, as when I went to pick up a sticky magnet to pop on the back of the pans, I noticed I was bleeding very badly. So that called a halt to my depotting madness. I added sticky magnets to the back of the pans and then wrote labels for them too.