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The font on this is a nightmare to update, FYI if you usually grab updated skins and make the fonts a little bigger for a big screen TV. I never did find the file that is overriding steam. The font on this is a nightmare to update, FYI. I usually grab updated skins and make the fonts a little bigger for a big screen TV. Any help would be appreciated. If skins are possible anymore on Mac then… boo that sucks. Will this be updated in the future? Things like the VR button arent there for me.

I know, there arent a lot of people using a VR but it would be nice if it was somehow possible to bring it back. I guess making one would work. OMFG Well done. I am a huge fan of Windows and to have my Steam look like Win10 is freakin aamzing. Steam finally feels up to date…lol. I also never got the Metro for Steam folder.

Assistance would be nice. I installed it in a skins folder in my username directory. This seems to be where Steam is installed on my pc for some reason. Finally works! Great skin! But some of the menu elements and texts in settings are a bit messed up. Probably due to a recent update. Please Fix. Best skin tho. Is there a way to change the color? I had to reinstall metro and now my downloads screen looks completely different from what it did look like and I do not know how to revert it back.

Any ideas? Download button sometimes cuts off and can be kinda bothering to look at, any way to fix this?

How to Add a Skin to Your Minecraft Character: 6 Steps

Very cool design! Maybe the best-looking one on the market currently. Look forward to more choices of colors. Wish that the purple color on these categories of games get easier to be seen. Very appreciate the download shortcut on the top right corner near the friend list icon. Great job! My screen is low res and the sides get smooshed in. When will the skin be updated with the new communication and friends tab, its bugging as of today.

Please make a new version of metro! The latest steam UI update seems to have broke it https: I was wondering what the green border around some games is? Go to https: This skin is great. Check out the Metro Dark variant, which needs support i. In steam default skin, there is an option for Change Account however i coudnt find it in metro skin. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox.


Screenshots Click on the images below to enlarge and see better! Direct Download Metro 4. External Download Download from official website. Related Skins. About Me: Alex I like to build useful and fast websites on the internet, I hope you like this website. Comments 98 Staff September 2, WorseDoughnut September 18, How do you change the color accents?

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Dean February 6, Paul March 1, Tree April 23, Jeremy June 23, Enclave Soldier October 16, FreshFlash January 21, Hehe February 15, Try taking the folder inside out of the Zip folder. Fred Flintstone April 15, Me April 26, I really love how this one looks, It is a lot better than the normal steam skin: Devin June 3, Marcus August 15, Its same for me.

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Carlardar September 26, Carry December 7, Move what to Program Files? Az December 30, Potatoes June 20, Kai June 28, ThedridriX July 12, All is perfect but there is not the little icon in front of my games? AX3-M4N August 1, Orlando August 12, Using it for almost one year, awesome work! Anonymous August 14, Someone February 12, JonnyBoy August 17, No skins file on mac…. You can use multiple Resource Packs at once. The order in which you place them on the "Selected Resource Packs" list within the Minecraft client will determine which packs override others.

Not all packs contain new textures for all items, but if there is an overlap, whichever pack is placed higher on the list will take priority. When browsing for new Resource Packs, you'll notice that most have a resolution in the file name -- like 16X16, 32X32, or even X This is the resolution of the textures included in the pack, and the higher the number the more detailed your world will become.

However, depending on your computer specs, you may find that huge resolutions hinder your gameplay experience. If your find your game becomes too laggy or slow, choose a Resource Pack with a lower resolution. Modders put tireless effort into their creations, and while it would be nice for all mods to work on all versions of Minecraft, the reality is that it's just not reasonable to expect every mod to be updated in a timely manner.

Depending on the mods you want to install, you may need to rollback your Minecraft version to a previous release. Thankfully, the Minecraft client makes this a pretty simple affair.

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In the bottom left hand corner you will see your profile name. Click the "Edit" button. A menu will pop up with a drop-down menu to choose which version of Minecraft you wish to launch. Select whatever version is compatible with the mod you wish to install. Most current mods are made for 1. Ok, so you've got the game up and running, you've changed your character skin and given your Minecraft world a whole new look, but now it's time to take the next step. Mods are different from the tweaks covered above in that they fundamentally alter how the game functions, instead of just upgrading its looks.

Because of this, installing mods is a slightly more involved process. The first thing you need to do is install Minecraft Forge. Minecraft Forge streamlines the installation of mods by replacing the necessary files for you, rather than requiring you to swap out all the files each time you want to try a new mod. Find the Forge version that corresponds to your Minecraft install on the Forge website and download it. Double click the downloaded file to bring up the installer. Click "Install client" and then "OK. Now, bring up the Minecraft client and once again click "Edit" on your profile in the bottom left corner.

Click the version drop-down menu and select the "Forge" version from the list usually located at the bottom , save your profile, and start the game. Now it's time to find a mod that you want to install. A community-compiled list of mods on MCF Modlist is a great place to start, but you can also browse for mods on the forums or sites like Planet Minecraft. Once you've found a mod you want to use, download the file. For this tutorial we'll install a mod that gives in-game characters and animals on-screen life bars. Once you've downloaded the file, you need to add it to the newly-created Mod folder.

You'll see the mod you just installed on the list on the left side of the screen. Click it and make sure it's enabled. The Buyer's Guide. US Edition. Log in. Sign up. Show More Results.

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