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So this means you can take full advantage of your security systems at no extra fees. On the contrary, they could be exceptionally good in performance.

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This free IP camera software possesses a wide variety of functions and features, which include live view, remote access, motion alert, PTZ control, multiple recording options and so on. Now more than 2. More importantly, Reolink free IP camera software, in sharp contrast to other video surveillance software such as Blue Iris or iSpy, are free of charge without monthly subscription fees or any other charges to get access to certain functions.

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You can watch multi-screen live streaming up to 16 channels on Reolink free IP camera app and up to 36 channels on Reolink Client of your IP cameras anywhere and anytime. Important Note: Very often than not, home network and computer CPU could have an impact on the general functionality and stability of security camera software, which in return could compromise their performance to some extent.

Updating your free security camera software on a regular basis if there is a latest version can maximize performance and get rid of certain bugs to fix loopholes that keep nagging you. Love sharing best solutions for home and business security, dedicating herself in providing trendy and useful home security information for readers and helping viewers find the best solutions to their problems.

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Recommended Results: More Products. Checkout View Cart. No products in the cart. Updated on November 29, by Olivia. Which to Choose Among the free IP camera software, third-party pay-to-use viewing software and the self-made ones, which would be your best options? You might get a second thought.

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And honestly, you should. Below is the high-quality video you can view from the Reolink free IP camera software. I will find another solution somewhere else. Also, why does this software put such a strain on my cpu? I have sent multiple questions to the developer asking if they will upgrade the software to support newer cameras but have not recieved a reply. The developers must have left this app for dead.

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No support, they dont return emails, and its beeen nearly a year since this app has had an update, its still at version 1. I do not reccomend anybody to by this software or any software from this developer until they change the way they do business. Oh how I wish the developers of the live cams pro ios app would develop a mac app.

I love to pull this app up when I'm on my iMac and see all my cameras. However, I recently got a Tenvis and this camera caused a major issue with this software as it would continue to attempt to bring up an image and I would have to Force Quit the program. I contacted DComplex and they responded immediately with a recommendation and are attempting to fix this problem. Even with this minor issue for me I would purchase this application again and again. The only other wish I might have is to be able to add some public WebCams like our local traffic cams. Maybe you can already do this I just haven't figured it out yet.

I am using 2 cameras in my set up.

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The Axis was detected automatically by this app. The Trendnet camera was connected manually, but it was a simple process. I have both set up to record on motion and with face detection. That whole set up took 5 minutes at the most. It is working flawlessly. This is a simple layout which is customizable to the amount of cameras you have. It would be nice to have the ability to save the files to a location other than the Movies folder, especially since I have a huge external drive. Another want, is the ability to FTP an image, either during an event or at a set interval.

Free Video Recording Software for Your IP Address

Good job. I'm looking forward to how this will improve. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Added support for macOS Dark Theme. Improved search for compatible camera drivers. Simplified camera configuration. Fixed video search for H cameras.

Simplified video search.

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Added audio support for more camera models. Improved UI for adding cameras.