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Quickly update your backup - Subsequent backups copy only the files that have changed, instead of copying all your files over again, so that updating the backup is much faster. Schedule your backup - Run your backup automatically at a convenient time, when you're not using your computer. Network backup - Make a bootable backup to a disk image over a network. For detailed instructions, click here. Pro X has many other uses, too. As an example, you can sync your home folder with a file server, or your PowerBook, or a FireWire disk, so that the files on both are up-to-date.

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Pro X actions can be scheduled to be performed when changes occur, at night, or at any preset time, once or periodically, without anyone present. Passwords can be supplied automatically for file server connections.

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To update to the latest version, download the new version and use it to replace the previous version. Millions of Files No limit on data type or file size. Handle millions of files. Pause, stop, re-start the operation at will. Fully Customizable We have designed ViceVersa to be fully customizable with options like encryption, compression, bandwidth control, file archiving, CRC verification, permissions, run as Windows service, copy open files and a lot more.

Proven and Reliable With 15 years of continuous improvement , ViceVersa is the ultimate file management software, built to sync, backup, replicate, copy millions of files and entire folders with subfolders. It's the most cost-effective investment I have made in computer programs since I bought my first Dec Rainbow in Until I found ViceVersa , I strived to find a program like this for years! Easy Interface Visually preview and compare the directory structure of two locations before copying files. I too purchased version 2.

My advice: There are a lot of other options out there for similar software developed by companies who won't lie to you and effectively steal part of your purchase price by promising something and failing to deliver.

ViceVersa PRO 2.5 Build 2511

TGRMN may get a few gullible suckers who are willing to pay again for something they already paid for, but I'm not one of them. Bad business and shameful. Reply to this review Read replies 2. Sorry to hear about your experience but thank you for highlighting this issue in your review. Dear Adam, I am sorry to hear about your issue with our ViceVersa 2. Please note that version 2.

It includes new functionality such as e-mail notifications, extended Volume Shadow Copy support, Windows 7, 8 and Windows , support, memory enhancements, etc. Since then, we have released 11 new free updates with new features. Please contact us to discuss further as we do provide several discounted upgrade options from version 2 to version 2. Easy to use. The interface to backup is intuitive. Love the ability to schedule back-ups to multiple destination drives and folders.

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I am a paranoid lad when it comes to hard drives, I don't trust them, so I back-up to multiples. I also back-up to and receive data from an external source. However, the external drive is not always connected to the computer. This program has the function where - if one of your source drives or destination drives is not connected to the computer - will allow it to ignore the external drive's lack of presence while continuing to perform the back-up to other drives.

The link to the Windows scheduler is built-in to the program. You can schedule back-ups to a time of day, or if the computer is idle after a time, or when you log on. Affordable priced. Requires a password to work the automatic function. Understandably, you would want a password to log onto your desktop, but if you have a family computer where you might have no password to get there, you'll have to create one if you wish to use this program with the built-in scheduler.

Would definitely recommend this software to my friends and business colleagues. Simple, easy to use, ergonomic. The help into the program and on the website is very clear and useful. Performs backups, file replication and bi-directional sync too. Now I just started using it on servers with the new VVEngine add-on. It's wonderful: Not only is this product reasonably priced, it does things that no one else seems to want to do Reply to this review Read reply 1. The program became unusable and completely uselss because of problems with time synchronization.

Chryptic error messages and no support are not helpful. Reliable and able to tailor to your back-up needs. Back-ups and sync are not a headache with this program. I've been using Vice Versa products for years and I have every confidence in it's reliability. I mean I've blown hard drives and main boards and thanks to this program I don't even sweat as I know I have everything important is safe.

Doesn't automatically reconnect remembered network drives. Forces me to open an Explorer window, click on network drive and then continue with syncing. The new ViceVersa gadget for Windows 7 and Vista is just great! It's a new, separate add-on.

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It has been working in the background non-stop. Incredible value for money. The most flexible file sync software I tried, it comes with any options you can think off. Tthe ease of use is probably what strikes me most. I've tried a few, and This one is by far the easiest to use that I have tried. Be sure to download the widget as it makes it much simpler to use. Its interface is simple too. VV Engine should come as standard with the pro package, as it is a must if using Windows. The initial screen is pretty basic, and you need to look around to understand the options, but once sorted, its easy to get started.

The options in copying are plentiful, with all avenues covered from what I can see. The 30 day trial is well long enough to decide whether you like it or not. I'd purchase the pro version over the lesser version as it is still good value. To get the best out of the system, you should also purchase VVengine. I had the system up and running in no time, and have since stopped using my equally expensive previous sync software that came with my NAS, as it leaves that software for dead. It is good for simple syncing of folders and flash drives.