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So this weekend with the hopes that they will learn something about the internet I figured out how and host your own minecraft servers on the Mac. This article is for moms and dads who are looking for instructions on how to setup and host minecraft servers for their kids.

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It will help if you know a little bit about programming and the internet. Of course eventually the hope here by having mom and dad setup a server, the kids will learn about programming and the internet, and will be able to get jobs and no longer rely on mom and dad hurray! Download the jar file version near the bottom. This command starts the server.

How to Make a Spigot/Bukkit Minecraft Server [ALL VERSIONS] [MAC]

Once running your are in effect hosting a minecraft server on your machine. If others are going to connect to your server, they are going to need an address on where to connect to. Port forwarding enables your kids friends to directly connect to your computer by forwarding the data on through your wifi router which masks it to your computer.

You may need to click the lock at the bottom, enter you account password, turn off, and then save changes. Go back to Port Map and write down these numbers depending on whether you are connecting via local wifi or internet:. Wifi means you are all on the same local Wifi network. Internet means your friends are at home across the city.

There are lots of other videos and how-tos out there. I created this one specifically for the Mac because no one told me about the firewall step. Free Minecraft Server Jan 17, This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading your blog posts. Many thanks! Easiest way to setup your own minecraft server can be found here http: ROB Mar 16, Extremely frustrated.

Thank you. Reblogged this on Minecraft See discussion. Version 1. Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

Similar Software. No similar apps have been recommended yet. You can add your suggestions to the right. App Name. Smile Score. Suggest other similar software suggested. Current Version 1. Downloads 27, Version Downloads License Free. This will start your server. You'll see some error messages, but this is only for the first time you run the sever.

The server will generate several files in the folder its in. The server will stop automatically after running the first time. Open the "EULA. You'll need to make a small change to this file to proceed. Save the change to the file and close it. This will start the server back up and show the server command line.

Minecraft Server free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Additional files will be downloaded and the server's world will be generated, which may take a few moments. This will give you admin privileges when you connect to the server from your Minecraft account. Make changes to the server properties by editing.

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Double-click this file and select TextEdit when prompted for a program to open it. You can change the values of these entries to change how the server works, but be aware that incorrect entries may cause the server to malfunction. You'll need to restart the server after making any changes. You can change the level-seed entry to enter any seed you'd like to use.

Set up multiplayer Minecraft

Determine the server's local IP address. When you're connecting to the server from other computers on the same network, you'll need to know the server's IP address. On the Mac running the server, click the Apple menu, select "System Preferences," then select "Network. Make note of this address. Open Minecraft on another computer on your network. You don't need to forward any ports or change other advanced settings if the other computer is on the same local network as the server computer.

Minecraft Server

If your server computer is powerful enough, you can run Minecraft on it at the same time, but this isn't recommended for most computers. If you want to have your friends join your server over the internet, see the next section. Select "Multiplayer" on the second computer. This will begin scanning for available games. There's a good chance that you won't see your server available, even though it is. Click the "Direct Connect" button. This will open a window allowing you to enter an address.

Type in the server's local IP address.

Step 1: Download minecraft server

After entering the address, you will connect directly to it and the game will load. If you cannot connect, make sure both computers are on the same network. Multiple computers can connect to the same server using this address, as long as they are all on the same local network. If you are playing on the same computer as the server, enter localhost instead of the server IP address. You'll need this address in order to properly forward ports so that others can connect to your server. Click the Apple menu on the server Mac and select "System Preferences. Note the "IP Address" line. Open your router's configuration page.

In order for others to connect to your server over the internet, you'll need to configure your router to allow incoming connections. To do this, you'll have to access your router's settings. If you are using a router like Netgear or Belkin, you can access your router's configuration page from your web browser.

See Access a Router for detailed information on opening your router's configuration page. Open the Port Forwarding section. The location of these settings will vary from router to router. Generally, you'll find them in the WAN or the Advanced section. It may be labeled "Applications and Gaming" or "Virtual Servers.

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