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Installing an ACTUAL SSD in a '06 Mac Pro

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I want to upgrade the hard drive in my Mac Pro 1,1 2x2. I have no data or software on the current drive that I need to keep.

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JohanTux JohanTux 18 4. I'm not sure which part you are asking for help with - how to fit the SSD, whether to clone or start from scratch, how to obtain Lion, or how to install it?

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Could you edit your question to give us a single issue to work on? SE works best when there is one clear question with one clear answer. Tetsujin is right, your question seems to cover lots of issues. If you're just looking for a place to start, maybe upgrade to Lion from Snow Leopard using the App Store and once you've done that and got everything working as you want, come back here to ask a question about replacing the hard drive with an SSD.

Thank you for the suggestions on editing my question. In the future I will be more focused on my inquiry.

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However, since Michael Gaskill submitted an answer that addresses each of the points in my question, I should probably not edit it. Acquiring Snow Leopard Upgrading the Hard Drive This fantastic article shows how to replace the hard drive on a Mac Pro machine. The basic steps are: Make sure that you have a compatible SSD check the compatibility chart for the SSD vendor Get your small Phillips head screwdriver ready in advance Follow proper anti-static procedures static kills computer equipment Open and remove the side access door, using the latch on the rear of the machine Choose an empty hard drive bay, make sure that it's unlocked, and pull it out Connect the SSD to the tray using the 4 Phillips head screws Slide the tray with SSD back into place in the machine and make sure that it is properly seated Replace and close the side access door At this point, you will have the original hard drive and the new SSD installed and ready for use.

The essential steps are: Upgrading to Lion These steps can be summarized as such: Cleaning Up Once the SSD has all of the content from the original hard drive, the hard drive may either be removed or used as a secondary storage location. Posted on Dec 2, 7: Page content loaded. Dec 2, 9: I suppose it's because PCI-E 1. Dec 2, Which is the problem I'm having. So I'm better off using a normal bay on my ? Dec 3, 5: Data uses though are useful, work, and benefit. Lightroom, Aperture, scratch, even iPhoto - all those graphic libraries.

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But not faster. Even the has two 4x PCIe 1. The has PCIe 4x 2. Sonnet only supports or recommends their Tempo Pro which is what I bought, so I don't know off hand how well yours works and if it even will. Booting in 10 seconds is nice. Launching a full dozen apps in 10 seconds and ready to use also.

Only larger program suites takes 20 seconds now. Dec 3, 3: Mac Pro.

Mac Pro Storage Upgrade Guide

As the SSD installation options available vary depending on the Mac Pro model, it is particularly important to know which Mac Pro model you have. With the exception of the adapters, the SSD installation procedure is the same as it is for installing a hard drive in the Mac Pro models.

For video instructions of this installation method, please refer to " How do you upgrade the hard drives in the Mac Pro? OWC offers a variety of " Multi-Mount " adapters and some of these make it easy to install as many as two 2. See " How do you install a second optical drive or replace the primary one in the Mac Pro models? Because of PCIe bus limitations , those with original Mac Pro models from and should stick with the above hard drive and optical drive bay options unless there is value in more storage capacity, even at a slower speed.

It has two external eSATA ports for additional connectivity, as well.

Apple Mac Pro (8-core) 1st Gen. - 2006-2007

This PCIe 2. Note that Macs do not have an M. OWC, Inc. Mercury Accelsior Pro Q.