Mac makeup do they test on animals

The Estee Lauder Companies fully supports the development and global acceptance of non-animal testing alternatives. To this end, the Company works extensively with the industry at large and the global scientific community to research and fund these alternatives. Click here for the source. Since , all Estee Lauder brands have changed their animal testing policy to include their recent expansion to the Chinese market.

Because China requires foreign cosmetics to be tested on animals, any foreign company retailing in Chinese stores must pay to have third party animal testing of their products. If you want to keep up with cruelty-free beauty updates, enter your e-mail below this post to join our newsletter! Download the full list of cruelty-free brands in my page guide, Cruelty-Free Made Simple.

Enter your name and email below to get it in your inbox. Okay, let me just start off. You are attention hungry people. Also another thing that you got wrong. But what can you proof your words with?

  1. Vegans Blast Cosmetics Giant MAC For Testing On Animals.
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  3. MAC Is Finally Speaking Out Amid Criticism for Animal Testing.

I, personally, have an assumption, that not everything told in comments can be trusted. They do not test on animals but the law in China requires them to. How is she lying yet even MAC says that they test on animals because they are required to do so by the law! Whatever helps you. All about you. You you you. You just want an excuse to do what you want. For makeup. Go away and stop labelling yourself anything.

Is MAC Cruelty-Free?

In US law oftentimes the one who gives the order is just as culpable under law as the one who carries out the act. These are somewhat dramatic but are two well known examples; 1. Obviously they are not all bad. Anyway look what we do in the West. Is everyone stupid. But we cannot support these practices.

You are voting with your money. Say no to it! Here and everywhere! Lets work together.

The cruelty-free status of this long-time beauty brand remains confusing for many.

Come on guys. The laws are changing in large part due to companies like MAC and Loreal who have a stake in the Chinese market and work hard to end animal testing. At least if companies have a market and some influence in the company, perhaps they can affect positive change and come up with new and innovative ways of product testing. True which is why more of us need to make compassionate choices so that it will no longer be profitable to deal in the nazi style treatment of other animals. That is fucking horrible of you to say, you obviously dont know shit about Chinese people.

Place order prior to 3: Please note, due to the volume of orders, processing may take business days. I agree with the Mobile Terms and Conditions. Msg and data rates may apply. Which countries require animal testing? China tests on animals as part of its safety assessment of cosmetic products.

We love our fans and we never want to exclude them anywhere. We use human volunteers and we conduct or commission in vitro testing. The cruelty-free status of this long-time beauty brand remains confusing for many. Keep reading to find out the details.

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MAC is not cruelty-free. Are MAC products sold in China? Does MAC test on animals when required by law? This also means that MAC is not cruelty-free.

Cosmetic Animal Testing

Who owns MAC? Estee Lauder is also not cruelty-free.

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Breaking down the MAC cruelty-free status: As of March , the MAC Cosmetics has a page on their site titled Animal Testing that has the following statement about animal testing: A lot of people read this and assume that it means that MAC is cruelty-free, but this is not the case. The FAQ page also contains this paragraph: What can you do? As a consumer, using your voice is important. There are several things that you can do: Support cruelty-free brands.

There are SO many out there! Be sure to let them know that them being cruelty-free matters to you. If you only purchase vegan products, also let them know that offering vegan options is important to you as well. Let MAC know that you will no longer be supporting them and purchasing their products. Shoot them an email, a tweet, or leave them a Facebook or Instagram comment. Let them know that a brand being cruelty-free is important to you as a consumer, and since they are not cruelty-free they do not have your support.

Share this post and help spread awareness. Cruelty-free beauty can be a confusing landscape, but helping share information helps everyone.

MAC Is Finally Speaking Out Amid Criticism for Animal Testing - Teen Vogue

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