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I'm 30 years old, so I can't definitively say when I first heard Fleetwood Mac. But I can tell you when the first time I listened to Fleetwood Mac. Last fall, I was walking home from the grocery store, feeling the mix of emotions you normally would on a Monday after working all day in an industry that is jogging towards death and also making you go insane. Through the serendipity of algorithms, Spotify played Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide. In that moment my brain sopped up every single one of Stevie Nicks' words.

Hearing Stevie Nicks describe the banality of suffering in such an elegant way — tides to navigate, seasons to endure — in a song from a pop band that earned endless praise and untold legions of fans in the '70s, well, it made a lot of sense. Although Nicks was only 27 at the time she sang "Landslide", hearing it in felt like being bestowed some hard-won knowledge about the way life works. Thus began a yearlong slow wade into the Fleetwood Mac catalog; starting with curious revisting of known quantities "Dreams," "Gypsy," "Rhiannon" with this new lens of "maturity," morphing into discovery and love of the deep cuts "You Make Loving Fun," "Silver Springs," "Sarah" and finally, a year later, a reluctant appreciation for the more divisive material "Tusk".

All of this was bolstered by the sense that, as I was revisiting and discovering Fleetwood Mac anew, everyone else I knew was somehow doing the same. Road trips with my girlfriend were suddenly almost exclusively scored by the band Mick Fleetwood, Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer originally formed in The office Sonos was commandeered for days on end by the group Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham transformed through their love, and crucially, love lost. My Twitter feed, the sole arbiter of taste in my life, was now littered with jokes referencing one of the most important albums of the 20th century.

Heck, I witnessed not one , not two , but three viral video cycles that used Fleetwood Mac music — one so powerful it catapulted "Dreams" back into the top 20 of the Billboard rock charts earlier this year. Why was Fleetwood Mac showing up everywhere? The most obvious answer, and one that made me wonder if I was just suffering some sort of anxiety-induced delusion, is that Fleetwood Mac is an insanely popular band.

Big Love (Fleetwood Mac song)

It's hard to say that you and the rest of your millennial cohort are unearthing some hidden gem when that hidden gem went double-platinum in Still, I listened, and still listen, to a lot of Fleetwood Mac. And knowing the things that their songs touch upon — optimistic sadness, existential anger, supernatural revenge — it's hard to shake the feeling that it wouldn't ring uniquely true with a generation that is working through some real shit.

She frees that word from overuse and turns it into something strange, forceful, and a little bit spooky.

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Her songs are in communion with the eternal," writes Lindsay Zoladz wrote in the Ringer last year. While we all have our stable of sad songs, the mystic croon of Stevie Nicks — more so than the saccharine trappings of Christine McVie or unremarkable anger of Lindsey Buckingham — just seems so well attuned to a generation that was put on the back foot before most were even able to graduate college. Which seems more likely? That Fleetwood Mac's mega-popularity hasn't dipped in the decades since 's "Rumors," or that an entire generation has somehow coincidentally landed on the same critically-acclaimed '70s pop group within the past couple of years or so?

I'm not really sure!

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  • And so I sought out what I've been seeking my entire life — in grade-point averages, in resume bullet points, in internet points and in traffic — the numbers. The internet has brought us much sorrow, but it has delivered us metrics, a useful check on your own sanity. Spotify sports a handy counter of monthly listeners on artist pages.

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    And so at the end of September, I logged the monthly listener counts. Oh boy, you are going to love this.

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    • Steely Dan is, in its own right, a contemporary of Fleetwood Mac. It enjoyed some 2. The Eagles? They cracked 9.

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