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Read before updating to Mac OS X Before you update to Mac OS X Make sure that all of the contact and calendar data that you want to sync is on your computer. Perform a sync with your devices before upgrading to Mac OS X If you have modified iSync or installed third-party software to support your specific model of phone, or if if iSync 2.

Reudo's Sync for Mac is not affected and does not need to be uninstalled prior to updating.

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If you skip these steps, you will see this message after upgrading: Install that phone's plug-in if you want iSync to support it. Make sure that your phone is configured to use its memory to store contacts instead of a SIM card. Sign in with Facebook or. Sign in now Forgot password? Create new account. Top community discussions about iSync plugins Is there a better alternative to iSync plugins? See discussion Is iSync plugins really the best app in System category?

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See discussion Will iSync plugins work good on macOS See discussion. As long as your personal information management program is More Similar Software. No similar apps have been recommended yet. App Name.

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On inspection, there seem to be base conduits for Siemens , SonyEricsson and Motorola native sync protocols or transports i. Bear in mind that handsets are not all alike - for instance, Nokia currently has three different main platforms Series 40 , Series 60 and Series 80 , which is shifting into something a bit different , and although iSync 2.

Y variants Another example: Your mileage will vary significantly, and you have to know quite a bit about phone platforms to get anywhere. Furthermore, each conduit seems to hold definitions for what precisely defines a calendar item, a to-do item, etc.

For instance, you can easily spot that to-dos have priorities, what are the maximum widths of fields, whether or not to replace whitespace in phone contacts with dashes, etc.

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This information alone is likely to be of interest to people who like me would prefer SonyEricsson phones to not include dashes to join first and middle names, or who would like to change the resolution of the contact thumbnails sent to Symbian devices it seems to be in there, although I can't find it right now. Well, the easiest way is to start from an existing one. But before you go about hacking it to pieces, you should start by diving into the innards of iSync 's built-in plugins to see whether a similar model is already supported - in most cases you only have to choose a phone family, copy the relevant sections into your new MetaClasses.

However, it is seldom that simple - unless you're dealing with SonyEricsson or Nokia devices, you're likely to spend a good while trying to figure out the relevant parameters, and it may well happen that your phone requires a conduit that doesn't even exist yet. I strongly advise against editing iSync internal files directly.

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That's about as subtle as performing eye surgery with boxing gloves, and can result in a completely broken iSync application. By all means read the existing files, but don't overwrite them. After using ktrace on the iSync 2.

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With luck, we'll see some official Apple developer documentation yet. Do bear in mind that the only way to actually test these is by having the phone - so if you're stuck with any of the steps above, I can't really help you, and there is really no point in asking me to put together a plugin for your phone. Instead, try searching my site for your phone and seeing if I have a link to a suitable plugin, or check sites like Mac OS X Hints for some of the. But if you found this useful nonetheless, please consider donating towards my gadget money.

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