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I see lots of MacBooks at developer conferences too. You know what the caveat is? You need to look at the operating system they are running. Almost every one of them that I see is running Windows 7 on those precious MacBooks. The reason - either to overpay for their hardware because it's cool, or to be able to run OSX those few times when Objective-C is needed and switching to windows for most of their other tasks.

I'll be honest: That said, I enjoy the fact it's a mesh of a clean and intuitive UI with all the power of a Unix-based system i. Outside of work. I chose mac but only because I mostly do linux dev and I prefer the unix-y environment nice unix terminal and all. But I would pick a linux laptop if that was an option. I also do some web programming with Wicket java and PHP. My Primary system is a Mac.

By saying that real programmers don't use Mac is short sighted. If I didn't write for Mac, would I use Mac? Or maybe I'd use Linux. I also need to stay with an OS that closely matches the live environment file paths, executables, services. For people coming from linux and the college it looks just like Linux with a sexy UI. Given enough years they start to understand the differences, and the drawbacks, and the complete arbitrariety of the many roadblocks the vendor is imposing on them and grow out of that.

So, if they're enthusiastic, they're probably just a tad bit too young. But that's a small segment. So the real question should be: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Why do programmers use or recommend Mac OS X? Read more about locked posts here. I'm not sure about the premise of the question, since I've never known one that did.

Granted I've been using Macs for over 15 years, but still. Every time I go to developer conference or hackathons, I only see macbooks. Probably 5 macbooks to 1 windows laptop rarely see linux nowadays. These events aren't necessarily for developing the next iPhone or Mac apps. Even when I go to Android conference, all I see is macbook. I ask people at those events why they use macbooks, and most of them usually think it's just "cool" to have macbooks or don't know that Windows can do the same thing or even better. I get excited when I see Linux, though.

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Linux on lenovo laptops ftw! Perhaps the people who end up at conferences are more often the marketing, or more customer-orientated staff who tend to have the "cool" stuff. Most coders I know hate Macs, some don't, but there are fashion victims in many walks of life. Reading your comments on some of the answers, I don't get the feeling that any answer would be acceptable to you, so why did you ask the question? All the tools you take for granted in Linux are either non-existent or painful to get to work on OSX: Installing MacPorts feels like Linux 15 years ago. It downloads the package and compiles it.

No binary packages. Want Qt? Reserve 5 hours for compilation. If you're not lucky, there is no MacPort for software you're looking for. Then you have to download source and compile it welcome to 's.

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Sometimes compilation instructions for OSX They are not compatible at all with each other, and using more than one of them at time guarantees total chaos and rendering your OSS unusable. You can get lame "solution" for that, called SecondBar. But it's OSX so who'd care about ergonomy when you can have eyecandy. I mean, if you'd like interface designed about ppl who care about HCI, you'd choose Linux or Win7 anyway. None of them has full feature set comparing to default consoles in Linux , each of them has at least one of the problems like messed up line wrapping, no tab support or problems with UTF GCC 4.

As pointed by Jano, it's a bug. OSX only bug, to be exact. But on OSX, unlike on Linux, you cannot expect Apple to actually backport the fix and release it in software update. So you're back to square one — OSX is a niche system, and it makes your life as developer harder, while mainstream systems, like Linux, make it easier. OSX now has X11 support. No way, that's like magic, a normal user cannot be allowed to see that You can of course activate that with few cryptic commands executed from CLI. I mean, having "show hidden files" checkbox like in Windows would be just too confusing for macusers Which means keeping it obsolete and not applying any updates.

Even if it means exposing their users to trojans. It has fallen victim of hackers year , after year , after year and it's still the case. Also the myth of OSX not having viruses is not true for at least 5 years now. And it doesn't get better for third party products either: And no, I don't want to switch main screen each time I switch application, I'm not into that kind of "thinking different". Terminal does not have the flaws you claim it does. Your link to a bug that you claim won't be fixed shows the bug as resolved.

And the fact that security experts want a mac which is what Pwn2Own measures doesn't actually say anything about security. Which isn't included in any software update for OSX In other words, bug in OSX is still there. Sorry, we're not in 's. To see dir structure is "simple flag change"?

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  8. Clearly, you have a personal bias against macs and anyone who doesn't hate the OS like you do. Basically, it boils down to this: I don't think this discussion is productive, and I'm ending my participation here. The -1 stays for factual inaccuracy. I use Mac because: Comes preloaded with software that works great with Unix: I find a Unix filesystem so much more comfortable to use in development. Great UI - In my humble opinion, you can't beat the usability of a Mac.

    Speaking of System Preferences - another great feature of Mac. Adobe suite. Cheaper than my coworkers on high-end Windows desktops and I'm not running into processing issues or memory issues none of us really are these days. And you just can't beat the quality of an Apple laptop developing on laptops is a different question but I can't live without one - wire-free for meetings, private Skype calls, or taking my work home exactly as I left it. And 10 hour battery life! Lastly, I don't develop on any Microsoft-stack technologies, so I don't feel limited there.

    If you are looking for singular things, there are a few tasks that I feel I can simply do more easily on Mac: I'm still not convinced on the "hardware" point. Apple's buying power doesn't really go into passing on lower prices to consumers - it goes into subsidizing the cost of almost giving the OS away if you're running on their overpriced hardware.

    Feb 25 '11 at 1: The biggest issue with the UI is the fact you can't fully maximize a window, and if you miss-click you end up at the desktop. Of course I know the others are on Windows, that was the point. They are as good on Mac as anywhere. You can't compare a budget computer to a MBP. Nowhere near a fair comparison.

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    I can buy a desktop machine with similar specs for cheaper, too. That doesn't mean I end up with anywhere near the same computer as the MBP. Battery life, size, weight, and all those other factors are important. The specs also aren't exactly equivalent. Excellent service for one thing. I never purchased an extended warranty. Try that with Dell. As mentioned further up in the thread, this isn't the place for a holy war argument. If you want to debate pros and cons of Apple or Dell machines, please take it to chat. Configure an IP printer and you may have to go find driver s , depending on the product and model you may have trouble running HD video 13" MBP, two generations past.

    Apps built using Xamarin look and feel native, because they are.

    Too much you say? Firefox can handle it no problems. But FF on Mac eats memory like nobody's business. Also one serious drawback to Macs: With a job and family, you learn to appreciate when things just work. I've a developer and frankly I don't give a damn about fiddling around with system settings.

    Don't know why people keep talking about bad experiences with Linux and Wifi. Do not underestimate the hardware. Personal preference for sure. I despise the Mac trackpad. It's fine for the first hour of use or so, but after that it starts to get really annoying. If I'm going to use a MacBook for any period of time, I plug in a mouse! It has a downside, though. I get really frustrated when I can't click by pushing down the touch-pad on my thinkpad. Brian, is that the new trackpad without buttons or the old one with? I am not quite sure how you are so confident that you know what is in the head of buyers with whom you obviously don't share the same taste you mention you use Linux.

    Under this question, there are numerous good reasons to get a Mac that have nothing to do with fashion.

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    There are also good reasons not to get one. Which are compelling is up to the individual. The reason people don't say they bought a Mac because it's pretty and fashionable is that those are not the usual reasons. I prefer Linux because I feel more at home there. I always feel more like a visitor on MS Windows. The fact that it's fashionable among developers is nice, as it means there's more stuff available to me. Mac has all Unix features with awesome UI. It pays more attention to detail but I don't think its better than Ubuntu.

    UI is subjective. Apple, unlike most other companies, has continually devoted lots of research into making its UI good, and it would be surprising if they didn't have a UI that lots of people preferred. It does and it doesn't. Every open source package needs to be built differently on OSX than on Linux. Homebrew is probably the best package manager on OSX, but it still sucks. FreeBSD suffers from a similar problem: You probably mean the kernel is Unix compliant, but that's not the full system and its tools. Jun 26 '13 at Brian Knoblauch. Earlier JVMs would also work, but Apple in their infinite wisdom doesn't allow one to roll back patches There are three main reason I'm on Mac specifically Macbook Pro now for my software dev needs: It's based on Unix, and it's great for Ruby development.

    I have my terminal too. For help installing Android Studio, see the Install guide. Download Android Studio for Linux. Download Android Studio for Mac. Download Android Studio for Windows. Download Android Studio for Windows bit. Android Studio provides the fastest tools for building apps on every type of Android device. Download Not Available Your current device is not supported.

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    Download options Release notes. Visual layout editor Create complex layouts with ConstraintLayout by adding constraints from each view to other views and guidelines. More about the layout editor. More about the APK Analyzer. Fast emulator Install and run your apps faster than with a physical device and simulate different configurations and features, including ARCore, Google's platform for building augmented reality experiences.

    More about the emulator. More about the editor. Flexible build system Powered by Gradle, Android Studio's build system allows you to customize your build to generate multiple build variants for different devices from a single project. More about the build tools. Realtime profilers The built-in profiling tools provide realtime statistics for your app's CPU, memory, and network activity. More about the profilers.

    Latest videos More videos. Latest news More news. Android Studio downloads. Command line tools only. These tools are included in Android Studio. Thank you for downloading Android Studio! Download Android Studio Before downloading, you must agree to the following terms and conditions. Introduction 1. Accepting this License Agreement 2. Use the OS you are most comfortable with, there are no significant difference to my knowledge. I thank you for that comment and welcome more!

    Mathew Mathew 6, 3 30 You can run Windows on a Mac, fully supported by Apple - no emulation in sight. This is why I originally asked the question - I've developed my app on Windows and now I'll be developing it for the iphone and I thought maybe that having everything in one place on one machine would be less confusing and more organized. I plan on getting a mac-mini to start with.

    It'll hook up to a regular windows monitor and any other usb peripherals. Great answer MatW - you too tomlog and Andy. Surely you could view the source on any system with a text editor? Compile and run it may be different, but view? If you have a script that lists what to pull it can be done. Not so for Windows, you're left on your own. Fair enough, I stand corrected - never realised they made it so difficult.

    Jim Blackler Jim Blackler Hey, thanks Jim. Thanks again.