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Otherwise, follow the steps below to download the app: Apple TV If you have an Apple TV model 2nd or 3rd generation , the Hulu app will be pre-installed by default — just log in to get started. On newer models 4th generation and higher , you can follow the steps below to download the app: Chromecast You can cast videos using Chromecast with the Hulu app on supported mobile devices and Hulu. Having Trouble? Fire Tablet You can download the Hulu app on your Fire tablet by following the steps outlined below: If you are running into an error while downloading the Hulu app, clear some space on your Nintendo Switch before trying again.

PlayStation 3 If you plan to stream from your PlayStation 3, follow the steps below to download the Hulu app: The Hulu application will then appear on your lower XMB crossbar. Xbox You can download the latest Hulu app on your Xbox by following these steps. Navigate to the Apps section Select the Hulu icon After the installation is complete, the Hulu app should launch automatically Having Trouble?

Was this article helpful? Suggested Articles. Bugs… we are going to get you! Some bugs have been squashed. But, thanks to some speedy work from our team, you can resume accurately! So, we took some time to clean things up and make a few aesthetic improvements to ensure you enjoy our app even more. We worked on tiny and not-so-tiny fixes that are hard to describe. Just trust us when we say that these changes will make a difference in the long run. While searching for the big one, we stumbled upon other creepy crawlies that were causing trouble.

They are goners too.

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You know which bugs suck the most? Crashing bugs. We thought we got rid of ALL the bugs last time or at least MOST , but there was a little pesky one that was causing lots of trouble when some of you tried launching our app. We quickly put on our bug-squashing gear, tracked it down, and made it eat dirt which it thought was just fine — bugs love dirt. Some bugs are pretty sweet. Butterflies, for example. Or beetles. Heck, fireflies are amazing. But, somehow, the ones that end up in our app are always annoying little critters.

So, we end up in the sad situation of having to kill them. We think we did a good job this release, so you should be able to move around without any bug disruption. Until they find their way back in and we need to repeat the cycle. We are coming up with new ways for you to personalize what shows up on your Live Guide. Before, you could only filter channels by Recent or All, but now you have more options. See a selection of channels that are relevant to you, like Sports or News. Autoplay is now enabled with video clips. You asked for it. We made some changes to the Guide for on-demand content.

You get badges, content in batches, and hopefully, less crashes.

We released so many new features the last couple of months that for this update we had to take a break and stick to regular upkeeping. We did a deep clean and got rid of some bugs here and there. There was a big nasty bug eating part of our code, which caused our app to crash randomly. It was driving us —and YOU— nuts! It took us some time to find it, but we finally figured out how to track it down and wipe it out. We've told you before that we are always in the hunt for bugs. It sure feels like summer: Fortunately, we got our PhDs in Bug-killing, so we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

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We had some issues with closed captions while casting. For starters, caption settings were greyed out; however, you could still toggle between On and Off.

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Confusing, right? If somehow you figured out that you could still select On and you were expecting it to work, bad news: Sorry about that. We killed that bug as soon as we spotted it, so everything should work smoothly now. Oh right. There was another casting bug. If you clicked the Cast icon mid-playback, the video would start playing from the beginning.

How to Download and Watch Hulu Movies Offline

It should definitely start from the position you were. We went ahead and got rid of that one too. You binge-watched all your recorded shows? Boot them away with fewer taps! Now you can multi-select, and delete in bulk all those episodes and movies that are just taking up your valuable storage space.

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  5. We do this on each release, so no surprises here: Find all your live TV in one place. Playback will start immediately on your last-watched channel. For users without remotes, the application is keyboard and mouse-enabled. Hulu Desktop is a downloadable application and will work on PCs and Macs. It will initially launch as a beta product during which we plan to gather and incorporate user feedback to improve the service.

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    Version 0. This update includes general bug fixes for everyone and Hulu Plus support if you are a Hulu Plus subscriber. The update should be automatic for Mac and Windows users. In this case, sign out and sign back in again, and your full More At least 2. Mac OS X Flash 9.

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