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Previous Next. Mar 31, 0 18, 0. Archived from groups: The audio recorded fine, but the picture is just a bunch of horizontal lines, etc.

Converting VHS Tapes to DVD: A First-Hand Experience

I would have thought the output of the Pioneer would be the same no matter what type of DVD media was in it. Any idea's? Guest Guest. As long as your TV displays it, you can record it, assuming it's homemade of course. By any chance, do you have the video line plugged into one of the component outputs by accident?

On Tue, 6 Apr It should be an image that, because of Macrovison, goes bright-dark-bright-dark, etc. If not, I might suspect your S cable.

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Something is definitely wrong with the setup. Will have to go back and re-read that part.

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Dick On Tue, 6 Apr Does it do this with another home video clip? The only other psosibility that comes to mind is that the clip you downloaded is copy protected somehow. I have tried different cables and different VCR's. This is with not even playing a DVD. I have also tried home movie DVD's. It's really weird. I called Pioneer tech support and they have never heard of that problem.

How to Convert VHS to DVD on a Mac

Suggested sending it in, but it works fine otherwise, and I hate to be without it. Dick On Wed, 7 Apr Some devices e. This happens whether or not there is a signal on the lead. It takes in the video 4: Get the video the way to like it then export it to iTunes in your highest defn. You can always change any video and audio for free using smart converter from Mac App store few bugs but works If not, you will need to convert your file or use another dvd authoring program capable of handling.

I followed the instructions and converted all the tapes I wanted converted. The quality isn't perfect, but I suspect that my tapes left a lot to be desired. It doesn't capture any audio in Yosemite. I asked Roxio customer support when an update would be released to support Yosemite and they said they weren't sure it ever would support Yosemite. I returned it, bought the Elgato device and it's working perfectly. No problem. Have Full audio and video.

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Also with update to iMovie better for uploading to youtube, if you wanted to When I last checked their agent had no idea when or if it would be. If the device is already plugged in then it does not record any sound. However if you plug in the device after the app is running and asking you to plug it in it does record sound and works just fine.

I am running OS X Yosemite My submitted issue with Roxio is that the product no longer provides the software needed to make DVDs after the conversion from analog to digital. Just hook up the output cable from your camcorder same way as your VHS machine. I've done a bunch of HI8 from my Sharp Viewcam.

Some reported trouble with sound. I had no trouble. You can even put record player or cassette tapes and it will record, but you need a video signal also But you could strip video and save it to iTunes as MP The audio doesn't record with Yosemite.

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I spoke with Roxio and she said they didn't have, or weren't aware of any plans to make it compatible with Yosemite. I returned it for the Elgato version, which works fine under Yosemite. I have only used it as far as Snow Leopard and it worked fine for me on those systems. I am running the latest OS X Yosemite The application produces a QuickTime movie file.

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You can then make this whatever kind of file you want with the additional software. If you want to play it as a DVD you need additional software. I have not tried a store bought movie yet. I wont do anymore until i figure out how to burn the dvd so that it will play on regular dvd player on the tv.

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So far its just on the Mac it will play. When movies are saved to DVD often they are scrambled. Can you legally? That I do not know? I transferred The Adventures of Mr. Working on my second one right now. Good Luck you can borrow mine if your in Australia? You will plug into the back of your VCR with the cables provided in this item.

This product will connect the analog output of your device to your Mac or PC.

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So no, it does not come with a vhs player. Raul M. I had one so I had no problem, but you have to have some mechanism that will transfer the image to a disc from the tape. Yes 2. This product copies Your VHS tapes to your computer.